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Commercial Collection Attorney
Montgomery County, Maryland

As a collection attorney, Ronald S. Canter, Esquire provides commercial collection services for bad debt accounts receivable in Montgomery County and throughout the State of Maryland. 

Our collection attorney services are utilized by many commercial companies, both large and small, who seek both professional and effective assistance in resolving or liquidating the commercial bad debt claims that are owed to them. 

Ourlawfirm is dedicated to providing our valued clients with exceptional collection results for all oftheircommercial accounts receivable, whether in Montgomery County or elsewhere in the state. We aggressively pursue each and every commercial collection claim placed with our office.

Should any of your commercialreceivablesrequire litigation, our collection attorney can provide you with all of the legal services neededto effectuate the collection of your Montgomery County bad debt claims. Whether your Montgomery County accounts receivable require collection or litigation, our commercial collection attorney, Ronald S. Canter, Esquire can provide you withprofessional optionsthat willhelp ensure the best possible outcome for yourbusiness to business accounts receivable.

It is very important to our collection firm that your accounts receivable are handled properly and in the utmost professional manner. We pride ourselves on our experience, determination and aggressiveness in providingviable andeffectivesolutions for yourMontgomery County commercial bad debt claims. As there are many collection agencies and collection attorneys availablefor you to choose from in the marketplace, we feel that our commercial collection attorney services are structured for quick recovery,high recovery rates and superior service and support.

Our commercial collection fees are typically contingent based but wedo offer hourly fees for those interested. With over 30 years of experience in the collection of commercial accounts receivable,Mr. Canter is well known throughout the Collection Industry as a consummate professional andas an authority in the practice area of Collection Law. Since 1980, Mr. Canter has been collecting commercial accounts receivable in Montgomery County and throughout the state. His exceptional track recordspeaks for itself and if you want a collection attorney dedicated to collecting your commercial accounts receivable, look no further than The Law Offices of Ronald S. Canter, LLC.

If you have commercial collection accounts in Montgomery County, Marylandthat you need help with regarding collection or litigation, please contact our commercial collection attorney, Ronald S. Canter,Esquire for acustomized and aggressivecollection campaign to suit your company needs. You can reachour officeby calling 301-424-7490. We look forward to hearing from you.

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